Suicide Prevation Month

The Teen Health & Family Wellness Center enters into the month of September with scheduled presentations in observance of Suicide Prevention.  We would like to encourage our Tribal organization and other community agencies to help in promoting hope, healing and help to prevent suicide.


Talking about suicide is one of the hardest conversations a person can have, but it’s one of the best ways to help prevent it.  How we talk about it is critically important.  When addressing the topic of suicide, it is essential to convey messages of help, healing and most importantly hope. We would like to extend an invitation for our POZ organization and other community agencies to support our efforts of bringing awareness and education by participating in our upcoming activities.  As a community, we need to stand in unity to help each other in starting a conversation and addressing the important issues of suicide and help break the stigma.  As our theme for our community:  Respecting Someone’s Pain, Breaking the Silence!


I kindly ask for programs to share our information with your clientele, families, friends.  Elahkwa.



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